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Class Descriptions

Below you will find descriptions of the great classes we have here at Go M.A.D. Fitness. Each one will truly help Make A Difference! If you have any questions let us know.  * ALL classes are FREE for members!


Experience a new challenge in our themed circuit class where you get the best of both worlds!  Combine intervals of high intense cardio with weight lifting.  This class is done on our TURF AREA and you'll love it!


TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise):  This is in our Functional Training Room and requires a RSVP to reserve a strap.  You can call within 24 hours of the class to reserve your spot!  This class is a total body workout that develops strength, balance and core stability while using your own body weight as resistance.


Insanity is a maximum interval training class with cardio, plyometric movements, strength and core intervals.  Modifications are available for all fitness levels.  Burn fat, torch calories & get defined.  It's time to dig deep.


Time to BOOST your cardio and core strength with Bootcamp!  Each workout will combine short bursts of high intensity cardio with strengthening exercises using body weight and hand weights.  Each class is unique and the time will fly by while your fitness levels increase!

M.A.D. Zumba

A fun Latin inspired dance class for all fitness levels! Come burn calories while having some fun!


PiYo is a cardio fusion of strength and flexibility that guides you in a series of low impact, high intensity Pilates and Yoga inspired moves to work every muscle in your body.  Don't miss this athletic, music driven class!

M.A.D. Yoga

This yoga class is for all fitness levels to gain balance, core strength, flexibility, stress relief, muscle recovery, and spinal and joint health.


This class is more beginner or intermediate of a workout but we also encourage you to push yourself and go at your own pace. We will start with a warm up then progress into the workout and end with a cooldown and stretch. We are here to help you and will show you how to properly setup your bike and will encourage you the entire way! RESERVE a bike up to 24 hours in advance by calling the club to guarantee your spot! 419-724-7000

Turbo Kick

An energy-filled, workout that anyone can do. Whether you love burpees or hate them, there is a modifier for every fitness level. MAD Turbo combines easy and safe punches and kicks with awesome music that makes you forget you are working out. MAD Turbo is great for all ages. Required equipment: good tennis shoes and a positive attitude.

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